Avoiding the rock in the road

Let’s take a second to use our imagination… Picture your favorite mountain peak. Now imagine yourself there, and you’re walking up a road on that mountain. You have your longboard in your right hand, your helmet looped around your left arm by its chin strap, and you are soaking in every breath-taking detail as you make this track up the mountain road. With each step forward, the air is a little crisper, the incline is a little steeper, and you can feel the weight of the elevation pressing against your chest. At this point of your walk, some would turn around. The increase of pressure would feel uncomfortable to them – not unbearable, but definitely uncomfortable. But not to you! No, you have the mountain peak in your sights. You know you’re closer to reaching the top than if you were turn around to go back. So you continue on. Only a few more feet, and you make it to the top of that ridge! At this point, your heart is pumping with excitement, your smile is beaming brighter than the sun and you don’t even care about the sweat dripping from your forehead… You just made it to the top of that peak! Look around, take in every detail of that view! At every height, there are new sights to see and deferent perspectives to take in.

After soaking up your time on that mountain top, you know what’s coming next. Yep, you guessed it… You have to go back down. Your heart begins to race a little. Not in the same way as when you were walking up the mountain road; this heartbeat has a little tint of fear attached. You look at the vertical drop in the road, and you know that you two decisions to make. You grip your board in your right hand a little tighter, reposition your helmet, lean back and tiptoe your way back down the other side. Or, option two: you can crush fear in its face and bomb it down this mountain side!! What do you choose?

This is the exact situation I once found myself in. I was 8 years old, and my “mountain” wasn’t exactly the definition of a mountain. It was much more like a gigantic hill. Well, maybe just a regular-size hill. But at the time, it sure did feel like a mountain to me. I was just given my first skateboard, and my Grammy came up with a creative way for me to learn how to skate. She grabbed her straight-from-the-’80s rollerblades, and I snagged my new Element skateboard. I followed my Grammy outside, and we walked to the top of a hill outside of her Atascadero home. She then proceeded to explain to me the action plan.

I was to pop onto my skateboard and hold onto the back of my grandma’s hips as she rollerbladed in front of me down the hillside. Taking a giant deep breath in an attempt to mask my nerves, I strapped on my helmet, put both feet on the board, and gripped my grandma’s side with all of my 8 year old strength. We pushed off from our stationary position, and down the hill we went. A surge of excitement zipped through my body! I was doing it! I was skateboarding! Next thing you know, I let go of my grandma. I was doing it all by myself – skateboarding on my own!

Just when I was feeling like the next Travis Pastrana, a little gray spot in the road caught my eye. I couldn’t look away! My eyes were locked on to this object in my path. The closer I got to the spot, it became clear that the “spot” was actually a rock. The rock seemed to grow bigger and bigger by the second. “A rock!! It’s a rock! Don’t hit the rock!” I kept repeating this out loud to myself over, and over. Well, what do ya know, I hit the rock. Hard.

Life is full of “rocks in the road.” Often we navigate situations with our eyes focused on the wrong thing. I had my sights set on the rock in my path. What would have happened if I had focused on the bottom of the hill instead of the rock? I most likely would have naturally navigated my way around the rock and peacefully finished riding my skateboard. It’s so easy to sabotage a situation when we focus on the wrong thing.

We all have different rocks in our road at different times. Your “rock” could be fear of failure, fear of the unknown, lack of finances or maybe a relationship. Whatever it may be, you have a choice. We all do! We can chose to partner with a victim mentality, by focusing on our “rocks in the road.” Or, we come shift our vision forward and look past the rocks, onto the bigger picture of accomplishing our dreams, goals, and the vision we have for our lives. I get it… You may feel like you have the biggest mountain side in front of you, but in the end it’s just a hill. The rocks in your path are nothing compared to the brightness of your future!!

Sure, you may have already hit a few of those rocks; you may have had a couple stitches, or maybe even some scares to show for it. Here is the good news: At the end of the day, your destiny is your destiny!! Nobody takes it from you, and nobody can fulfill the calling on your life, except for you! You’re not going to miss out just because you hit a rock. It slows you down, but that’s when you know it’s time to shift your vision from the rock to the bottom of the hillside.

Are you ready to shift your sights? Grab your board, and let’s go! You have a great ride ahead of you!


10 thoughts on “Avoiding the rock in the road

  1. Pam Tannehill says:

    Thx so much Kylie, for adding me to your blog! This message brought back many memories from CA, but, honestly, I have shared this scenario with many over the years! It is so applicable to our walk with Yeshua/Jesus, isn’t it? You say we all are an influencer, and you say well! This is what our Lord commissioned us to do that not one would perish, but that all would come into a personal relationship with The Living God! What a privilege and phenomenal experience…minute by minute! And just to realize he trusted US to introduce all whom we meet to our best and closest INFLUENCER! Blessings to you Dearest!!….Grams


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