Character, consistency and courage – Life lessons from a brother.

Growing up as the only girl in a household of boys has been packed full of fun adventures. It’s safe to say that there has never been a dull moment. I am the first born in my family with three amazing younger brothers: Caleb, Jaron and River. All my brothers have their own style, very distinct different personalities, and I can’t imagine life without them!! We have our regular sibling moments, but I guarantee you won’t meet a group of siblings quite like us. I can honestly say my brothers are my closest friends. As a whole, we love and support each other and have countless laughs; when one is hurting, we all feel it. And we push one another to grow and stretch in different areas of our lives.

I may be the oldest, but every week I’m constantly amazed by my brothers and learn so much from them. That’s the amazing thing about wisdom: it doesn’t have an age qualification. Over the years I’ve seen my family as a whole, and my brothers as individuals, grow through the ups and downs in each season of their lives.

Today, my brother Caleb turns 23. In honor of his birthday, I figured it’s only fitting to share three key life lessons I’ve learned from watching Caleb lead his life and tackle each season with vision, purpose and destiny.

So here you go… Lessons I’ve learned from the life of my brother, Caleb G. Tannehill:

Character Matters. It unveils the kind of person you are. I’ve watched Caleb throughout his life live with consistency in his everyday choices. I’ve seen him go through years working so hard to accomplish goals and big dreams in his heart. Some of those years he felt unseen, some he was on top of the world, and others he had to navigate major disappointment. From those experiences I watched him grow, and his character never veered.

Opportunity doesn’t produce character – perseverance does. Your character gets majorly tested through perseverance. With each test you come out stronger, more confident in who you are, and you learn some key life lessons in the process. Your gift may open doors, but your character keeps you there.

It’s been incredible to watch Caleb grow into the man he is today. A big contributor to his growth in life has been his intentionally seeking out wisdom in every area. He is constantly conditioning himself spiritually, mentally and physically. He has established a routine that has built strong habits in his life.

Every morning Caleb starts out his day with a cup of coffee in one hand and his Bible in the other. He blocks out the time to renew his mind and get geared up in his heart for the day set before him. He is intentional to physically exercise each day and makes wise choices in his nutrition so that his health is strong. Caleb takes the time to research the world so that he grows in his education outside of a classroom setting. He is preparing himself for the days ahead by establishing hard work and endurance into his everyday life habits. He is consistent in the small and in the big. Consistency is key – some things only come with time.

The name “Caleb” means brave and courageous. Courage lives inside of a person and enables them to face difficulties without any fear. I’ve seen my brother take on situations that other people may think are outrageous, crazy, or place the odds against him. But none of that has ever mattered to Caleb. He stands up for what is right, just and holy, even when no one else will. This is because he knows who he is as a son of God, he has developed consistency in his character, and has strengthened his endurance in the times that have been tough.

Courage will rise up without even a second thought, and it overflows to those around him. It only takes one stand up for what is right, and it doesn’t take long for those around to catch the wave of bravery and stand with courage themselves.

My brother is an amazing man. I couldn’t be more honored to not only be his sister but to call him my friend.

We all have purposed destinies to live. All of us have own unique stories and experiences within our journeys. Through them we’ll come out with strengthened character, steadfast in our consistency and full of courage.




4 thoughts on “Character, consistency and courage – Life lessons from a brother.

  1. rachelakirsch says:

    Thank you for posting, Kylie Jean! I also have three siblings and just like you, I couldn’t be more thankful for them. It’s encouraging to read that a 23-year-old takes time each morning to spend time with Christ. I know that I need to be more like that.


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