I like myself!

I’ve been full of vision from a very young age. I think a huge contributor to this was that my parents raised my siblings and me always speaking life-giving words to us. They always spoke scripture to us, and that formed huge values of identity in me. It has affected who I am today. In some of my earliest memories, I can remember my parents speaking declarations over me.

Every night before bed, my parents would have us state our own personal declarations. They went like this: “I like myself! I have a great destiny! People listen to me, because I have valuable and important things to say!”

I’m a huge believer in the power of our words! I often will meet with people that have such a false belief about themselves. I look at them and I see someone who is gifted, full of purpose, and all-around amazing! They may look at themselves and see the complete opposite!! They may believe about themselves that they’re stupid, no one likes them, or they have no value in life. Crazy, right? That’s the reality in so many people’s lives. You may see yourself in a completely different light than the reality of who you actually are.

I’ll often say to these people, “What you say, you believe. What you believe, you become.”
When I spoke those declarations over myself every night as a kid, I began to believe every single statement. And because I believe it, I live it! I really do like myself! I know that I have a great destiny! People do listen to me, because I speak things of value and importance. This is who I am.

Now, do I have to remind myself of this? Absolutely! Any time I have a negative thought about myself I stop mid-thought and will say out loud to myself, “No! I’m not stupid (or whatever my negative thought may be)! I have a great destiny! I am purposed for such as time as this! That means God has given me what I need for this exact situation.” It may sound strange to say this out loud, but there is something powerful about your ears hearing the truth from your own mouth.

There have been many different scientific studies that concluded this very truth: Words are powerful. Now this is where you come in. You get a choice in this! It’s never to late to renew your mind, reshape your thoughts and shift your believes about yourself. It starts with the words you declare over yourself.

You are here on this earth for such a time as this!! Your life has value, destiny and great purpose to it! Your words are powerful, and you will see the dreams and desires of your heart come to pass. I encourage you to live internally with your words. Be purposeful with your decisions to speak life-giving truths over yourself.


4 thoughts on “I like myself!

  1. makenziejones says:

    This is very encouraging to hear about your family and your own thoughts! Ever since the first time I saw you in class, I could tell that you were very outgoing and beautiful inside and out! When the Lord fills you with His Spirit, it is so joyful, and you show it so well. Thanks for being such a light to all those around you! I also am always having to work with my thoughts to help me stay focused on this right things and so I can do what I have to do with a positive attitude. Our minds really can be our own worst enemy if we let it. I will remember your words when I am tempted to be negative!


  2. sydneyklaire says:

    I love this post! You and I have very similar beliefs that what you think, you believe. I am a huge proponent of talking kindly about ourself and loving on yourself instead of engaging in negative self talk. Great post!!


    1. KJTannehill says:

      Thank you Sydney!! Come on!! You are so right! Self talk changes the dynamics of everything! Positive beliefs about yourself partnered with the Holy Spirit creates an unstoppable path towards your destiny 🙂

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