To vote or not to vote? That seems to be a question.

In five days we have one of the most pivotal elections we have seen in our lifetime.

I know people say they are sick of hearing about this election, they’re ready for it to be over, and at this point, they don’t care who wins.

I ran into some fellow students the other day who stated that they are not planning on voting on Nov. 8. One student even said that a professor of hers, at a private Christian university, convinced her not to vote.

This conversation really threw me for a loop. Not vote? That thought has never even crossed my mind — how can someone lay down their voice? As Americans, we have been given such a priceless freedom to speak to our nation’s leadership through our votes.

So, this got me thinking. If this was just two students, then there are more people out there who are leaning toward the direction of choosing not to vote in this election.

I want to encourage you, come election time: you do have a choice to make. The power lies in your hands. You have a voice that is meant to be heard, but if you choose not to vote, then you are choosing to silence your own voice. You give up the right to complain or make statements in these next four years regarding the effects that our future president has on our nation.

Many people I’ve spoken with have said, “I don’t like either candidate.” Take the candidates out of the picture. That’s like trying to look at your whole hand while it’s pressed up against your nose. I encourage you, do research on the policies and values that each candidate not only stands for but also look at the laws they’re wanting to overturn and instate. Vote with not only yourself in mind; vote with the thought of your children, future children, and their children in mind. How do you want their America to look? If you’re stuck on what direction to vote, ask the Lord to guide you. God loves to speak to us about every detail of our life. Ask him for a scripture to show you, and ask him for a personal word for you in the area of voting for our nation.

This election goes way beyond our current state as a nation. In this election, it’s wisdom to vote with the future in mind. There is likely to be five Supreme Court vacancies in the next four to eight years. The next president of the United States is likely to have the power to put in place a 7-2 tilt in the direction of that president’s ideology. As a citizen of The United States of America, you have power in your vote to let your voice be heard! Don’t sit back and silence yourself. That’s not only a selfish ambition when you take into account your future generations, but it’s one of cowardly actions. It’s extremely important to have a backbone in this election.

If you feel completely overwhelmed on what direction to vote in this election, here are some very practical ways to lay out your best option.


Practical principles to use when choosing who to vote for:

  1. As citizens of the United States of America, we need to know our nation’s constitution. This applies directly to every area of your life, your family, your business, your education, future generations, your freedom of speech, your freedom to worship and all of your rights as an American. That’s a beautiful honor and privilege that you have.
  2. After reading your constitutional rights, freedoms and everything thing in between, write down on a piece of paper the top five of those rights and values that you have a strong connection with your personal values and beliefs. (Examples: Abortion, education, the Second Amendment, marriage, local business, the death tax, immigration, religious freedoms, etc.)
  3. Now, go and research from credible sources the values, beliefs, and policies of the party that each candidate is representing. Research the policies that they want to overturn, and the new laws that they want to put in place.
  4. Write down where those candidates stand on your top five issues that you pulled from your constitutional values. And line up where they stand closest to your values and beliefs.
  5. Get wisdom and insight from the generations before you.
    Ask your grandparents, your parents, leaders in your life, and others who have different backgrounds what life was like for them back in the 1940s through current day. What have been some of the political consequences? Ask about past government leadership, and how their decisions have a direct effect on your life today.
  6. Pray. Ask the Lord to speak to you, and give you direction. Again, move the personalities of the presidential candidates aside. Do they stand for Biblical principles? Vote with the Word of God as your foundation.


This may seem elementary, but you will be surprised how much clarity it’s going to give you. You have been given a voice. Use it. The Bible says it’s better to be hot or cold than it to be lukewarm. Make a decision. Do not live lukewarm and silent. Vote for righteousness. Vote with Biblical principles. Vote with the Supreme Court in mind. And vote to keep in mind how you want your future generations America to look.

Your voice is valuable and important. Don’t silence yourself. Vote.


One thought on “To vote or not to vote? That seems to be a question.

  1. mckenziegrey says:

    I really like how this is written. You took a very touchy topic at the moment and made it understandable to both sides. It didn’t feel like you were attacking anyone for choosing not to vote but you were giving us really good reasons on why we should vote. I feel horrible because I do not know much about either side and I was actually planning on not voting….. but I think you may have changed my mind and opened my eyes a little bit. Now it’s time for me to do a little research.


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