Meet Kylie Jean Tannehill, creator of Surfing Pavement.

Kylie Jean grew up in the beautiful Centeral Coast of California, and later split her time between there, and the Pacific North West. Growing up in California, the beach was huge part of her life. In fact, after she was born, the beach was one of the very first places her parents brought her from the hospital. From a young age, saltwater stained hair, sun kissed skin, and sandy toes was her normal. She always loved surfing, skateboarding, pretty much any sport that followed with “board” in its title. But it wasn’t until her family moved to Seattle, Wa, that she really fell in love with longboarding. Longboarding seemed to be the only thing that could temporally transport her from the chilled, overcast, concert jungle of Seattle; back to the sunny, laid back, salty air, of her California roots.

Once again, Kylie Jean found herself in transition when she moved from Seattle, Washington to Nashville, Tennessee. It was in Nashville that she discovered a whole new cultural mix of beach-meets-creativity-meets-proud-southern-heriate. Nashville is a city that prides its self in its traditional souther ways, yet celebrates the eclectic mix of transplants that have declared Music City their home.

It didn’t take long for Nashville to become Kylie Jean’s favorite city in the States. With a schedule geared up in action, Kylie Jean has been blessed to live a life full of travels.  In those travels, she found herself experiencing the diversity of differnt city cultures both nationally and internationally.  Through it all, Kylie Jean found a common thread: Where ever you are, you can always find longboarding.

That is where is Surfing Pavement comes in.  Here you’ll find a celebration of beach culture in land-locked cities. You’ll get a peak into the thoughts, stories, and experience of how a board can unlock friendships, bridge cultures, build leadership, and bring people through transitions.

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